Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Fail-your

What are you gonna do, when you realize that all you've lived for has grown into lies, that you despise- and you have no more free time-just like a bad meal-  you resent what you paid for. Full of hate that aims its mark on anyone sensitive enough to feel your bark. It is nothing to respect, it's more like a flaw -of CHARACTER- that you can't hide, cause everyone has seen how lame you act. Always watching your back -the intimidation factor tries- to cover all the character you lack.

Now I think you're just a dumb fuck. I believe if you died it would be a blessing of your dumb luck. So take a pill, and your life, take your talk and go for a long hike. You are nothing. You're not good. You're losing what you should. You're rotten, you're stale, you're winning the race where "to win is to FAIL".